Funnel users aren't able to delete incomplete applications from their system — only parents or guardians are able to delete the application.

This is because parents and guardians are encouraged to resume their existing applications through email notifications, directing them to their incomplete form as shown below.

Despite this, some parents still proceed to start a new application, leaving their original application incomplete. Sometimes, they may complete the second submission and still leave the original incomplete application untouched. If this is the case, they'll receive an automated reminder email for the incomplete form.

You can see the status of incomplete forms represented under Forms on the relevant lead as shown below.

From here you inform the parent or guardian to access the form using their email address and select Delete on the incomplete application. Remember, they'll only receive one reminder email for any incomplete form.

Tip: You can create a dynamic list to see those leads with multiple form submissions on the one form by using the below filters.

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