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Funnel Form Translations FAQs
Funnel Form Translations FAQs

This article will answer your questions about editing and applying language translations to your forms

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What are language translations?

Language translations allow you to support languages other than English on your Funnel form. Once a language translation has been applied to your form the form user completing the form will be able to select a language using the Language icon displayed in the top right-hand corner of your form.

By default, every form will only support English, requiring you to add each language needed to your form.

How do I add another language?

Navigate to the editor of the relevant form. In form settings, you can choose Other languages and select then the language you would like to support. Once you’ve added the language, we do most of the hard work by auto translating some of the standardised content. You’ll then be able to add your translations to the form fields and content.

How do I translate fields and content in my form?

Once you’ve added another language, navigate to the Editor and choose a language in the right-hand corner language icon. When you choose a different language, you can then manually add in the text for your desired language in the form — once done, press Publish.

Tip: Make sure you are in the correct language (top right hand corner) when updating the text on your form

Can I set a default language?

Of course. If you have more than one language, choose your default language first then any other language you would like to be available on your form. In the form settings, you can default the language you would like parents/guardians to see by selecting the Default Language dropdown and selecting your desired language.

Will I need to translate each form from my Funnel account?

Yes and no. If the fields are translated in one form and are used in another, those fields will already be translated. All you need to do is add another language to that form.

What languages are supported?

The translations currently support up to eight different languages with a goal to support more in the future.

Currently supported languages include:

  • American English

  • Vietnamese

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Malaysian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Simplified Chinese

If form users answer questions in their native language how will this appear in Funnel?

Currently, the data presented in Funnel will be exactly how the form user entered it into the form.

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