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Bulk actions available within an Event
Bulk actions available within an Event

When managing events in Funnel, you can easily perform actions directly from the events page.

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Whether you're preparing for your upcoming event or reviewing a past event's performance, the event details page is the best place to view and action this information.

You can bulk-select your registrations using the checkbox alongside individual groups, or select all with the checkbox on the top of the table.

Within the bulk action options, you can send emails to those you've selected, export registrants as a CSV, remove the groups or reschedule. Post event you can also mark groups as attended or not attended in bulk.

The export will include all registered names, mobile numbers, and basic lead information to allow for easy identification on the day of the event with space to manually mark on your spreadsheet any notes or attendance information.

Removing the selected group will just remove them from this particular event and immediately make their spots available for others to register into. Removing a group from an event will not delete them from your Funnel instance.

You can reschedule the selected groups to another open event without leaving this screen. Follow the prompts to reschedule the group into their preferred events and save.

Bulk action options also include marking the selected groups as attended or not attended.

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