Guardian matching in Funnel - how it works

When a guardian's details are entered, Funnel will check whether the guardian already exists. This is how it works.

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Step 1: Initial match

Funnel checks a combination of three guardian fields: guardian first name, email address, and phone number.

Notes on initial match:

  • The guardian first name is required for matching. So, if this field is empty, Funnel will not find a match to any existing guardian.

  • The guardian first name and email address fields (if provided) are prioritised over the phone number field. So, if Funnel identifies an existing guardian with the same first name and email address but a different phone number, Funnel will suggest a match.

  • If there is no match with an existing guardian using the first name and email address (or if the email field is empty), Funnel will check for guardians with the same first name and phone number.

  • Guardian matching only occurs once a form is submitted, not as form entries are saved and resumed.

Step 2: Family match

Funnel searches for a Family match. If a matching family is found, Funnel will check the existing guardians by comparing the guardian first name field.

Funnel assumes that all guardians are part of the same family and that there won't be multiple guardians with the same first name.

Common cases for duplications

There are cases where duplicate guardians may be created. Here are some examples:

  • Names are entered differently, such as an abbreviated version of their name: 'Kate', then 'Katherine', or 'Kate', then 'Kate Ann'.

  • An email address or phone number is entered differently, such as the same email address for both guardians.

  • A guardian saves an incorrect detail on a form that allows saving and resuming. Later, they resume the form and correct the detail, however as guardian matching only occurs once the form is submitted, Funnel will have already created two guardians.

How to merge duplicate guardians

We strongly recommend that any duplicate entries be merged rather than deleted.

You can learn how to merge duplicate guardians here:

While this article is about guardian matching, these articles may also be helpful for other types of duplications:

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