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Can I schedule emails in Funnel?
Can I schedule emails in Funnel?

Yes, you can! This article will step you through the 'schedule send' feature in our Communications module.

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If you'd like to learn how to schedule your emails to be sent at a future date, follow the steps below.

  1. Simply create the communication and select your recipients. Once you're happy with your email, select Schedule for a specific time under When to Send.

  2. You can then choose the send date and time, before selecting the blue Schedule send button. The email will now be saved in Funnel until it sends on the specified date.

Pro Tip: Schedule send is best used in conjunction with Dynamic lists. A dynamic list is always updated based on the filter saved for that list. By setting a schedule send email with a dynamic list as the recipients, you know that relevant families will be automatically added to the recipient list by the time of sending.

An example of this is pre-event communication. Create a dynamic list based on registrations for your upcoming event as seen below.

When in the Dynamic list select Send email in the top right and follow the above steps to set up a schedule send email for this list.

You might like to create a reminder email to be sent to your registrants 24hrs before the event. This could be set up when you first open your event and using a dynamic list, automatically include all registrants as recipients of your communications.

If you've selected a dynamic list as the email recipients it will show as Linked for future reference so other team members know not to edit or delete this list.

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