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What does Lead Source Type mean?
What does Lead Source Type mean?

This article will tell you the best way to find leads created directly in Funnel or by a particular form.

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Leads can be created in Funnel a number of ways, these are referred to as the Lead Source Type in Funnel.

You can filter by the Lead source options as shown below. This gives you a good indication of where your leads are coming from and what is the first interaction for your prospective families.

Some useful options include:

Funnel: These are leads manually added to your Funnel. This provides a good indication of numbers calling or visiting your school as their first touchpoint. You can also use this filter to confirm those manually added leads have had follow up communication from your school.

Form: This refers to leads created by any of your integrated forms. You can keep this high level as any form or you can filter further to select a specific form of interest.

Import: During your Funnel onboarding you may have done a bulk import of your existing leads. Filtering by Import allows you to see just leads created by this import.

Pro tip: When using these filters you can specify date ranges and other details that may be of interest.

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