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Going Live with your new Funnel
Going Live with your new Funnel

Exciting times you are ready to go live with your Funnel. These articles will help with this process.

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This is an exciting and daunting time but congratulations on getting to this point with a brand new system.

Remember this is not the end of your journey with Digistorm. You can reach out to your allocated Client Success Manager at any point for more training or to bounce some ideas off. Our helpful Support team are also available for a conversation via the messenger icon in the bottom right of your screen.

The below articles are a good starting point to get familiar and make the system your own:

  • You can also set up your email signature in Funnel, you might need to request internal IT support to generate a HTML signature for this one.

  • Don't forget to set up your own Funnel Dashboard, to make sure that you are getting the most productive experience right from the start!

  • Use the Funnel events check-in app to manage attendance when hosting any onsite events. Here is a demo on using the events check-in app

  • Remember to personalise your emails by using tokens to address parents by name. This article will explain the current options available, but feel free to test this out within communications module yourself to build confidence.

These are just some areas to review, you can check out the Getting Started Guide for more helpful hints or return to search the Support Hub whenever you need.

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