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Getting started in Funnel
Getting started in Funnel

All the things you need to know about where to start in your Funnel

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It is very exciting to get started with a new system, especially Funnel! However, we understand it can also be overwhelming to take on so much information and change. This Getting Started Guide will help you work through at your own pace and reference whenever you need a little refresher.

We have put together 2 small articles explaining how to log into and navigate around Funnel:

Already know how to get around Funnel? Let’s get started with a few common scenarios and how to use Funnel effectively. You can use these as a blueprint to get started with your day-to-day, and make changes based on your process.

Talking to a family

If a prospective family contacts your school, the first thing you will want to do is see if they exist in Funnel, so you can add an activity.

If they don’t yet exist you will want to create a new lead and family.

Tip: Don’t worry about adding a new family if you are unsure whether they already exist. Funnel will check every lead you manually add into the system and will alert you if a potential match for the family already exists.

If they do exist, but are calling about a different child than the one already in Funnel, you will want to add the child.

Working with your leads list

The ‘Leads’ screen is the heart and soul of Funnel. This is where you will see all of your prospective students - future and past.

Tip: It is important to know that schools should never delete a lead in Funnel unless the supposed prospect does not exist (i.e. a spam or prank submission). Use filters to filter out any leads you don’t need to see.

In order to keep your list of prospective students organised, Funnel provides you with the ability to filter down your list of prospective students to only those who are relevant to your daily tasks right now.

To get started, we recommend you use the quick filters to start filtering the prospective students for next year per year level.

Editing student information

Because Funnel is a platform for everyone to track how a student has been progressing since they first enquired, it is important to keep data in the system up to date and clean.

The most important elements of keeping data clean in student profiles are knowing how to update a stage and fields such as ‘Date of birth’, ‘Year level’, ‘Entry year’ and many more.

You can also bulk update student data, including the stage and every field you have in Funnel, via the ‘Leads’ screen.

Tip: You can roll up the Entry Year and Year Level by one year via bulk actions on the ‘Leads’ screen. Simply check the students you want to roll up, click the ‘ Bulk edit’ button, select the ‘Roll up Year Level and Entry Year’ option and confirm you want to update the leads.

Adding other Users

One of the first things you may want to do in Funnel is setting up further users at your school.

How to get help

Stuck somewhere? Found a bug? Got a suggestion for Funnel improvements?

You can get help for all of your Funnel problems by using the support module available in Funnel in the bottom right corner, or by contacting your Customer Success Manager or our support team at

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