Within the form editor tool you have the ability to edit the labels of both existing form fields and any options available in those fields.

This is handy if you're finding parents consistently providing incorrect answers to your form questions. Making an amendment to the field label may make the question more clear.

For example, something like "Place of birth" could become "Please select the country in which you were born"

To edit the label of any field on your form, select the label field and you'll see your active cursor, and just type to make your edits.

Note: Be sure to confirm that the field that you're editing is the correct one. The text above the field label is the actual Funnel field where this data will sit. So be sure not to change the label of a field. Lead > Place of Birth, to Date of Birth, for example.

You'll also have fields with options available either within a dropdown or a checkbox on your form. Using the editor, you can change how these options are worded and the position of them in any list.

Select the field to expand and see the options. Find the option you'd like to update and click into the text area of the option. You can then type to update the label. Remember, the selection will be the same in Funnel, so make sure the new label matches what will be shown in Funnel when this option is selected.

For example, you may want to update the option label from Website to Digistorm College Website.

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