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Move a field's position throughout the form
Move a field's position throughout the form

Reorder your form fields by dragging and dropping.

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You can reorder the fields on your form by dragging and dropping the fields to a new position.

Hover on the field you would like to move then select the eight vertical dots to pick up and drag to the intended position.

If you have a multi page form (like an enrol form) you can also drag a field from your current page over to the side panel. All you need to do is hover on the new page, which will allow you to move the field to a new page. The moved field will appear at the top of its new page, and you can then drag it to its correct position on that page.

This option is also available from the 'three quick actions' dots.

The order of pages within multi-page forms can also be changed, by dragging and dropping the page titles in the panel on the left of your screen.

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