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Set field display conditions to hide or show certain fields on your form
Set field display conditions to hide or show certain fields on your form

This will help users only see the fields relevant to them and their application.

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Utilising display conditions to hide and show certain fields throughout your form will ensure that you're capturing information relevant to different applicants without the parent having to scroll through unnecessary information.

For example, you may require school reports from your applicants, but if you're accepting applications for Prep or Kindergarten they won't have reports to provide.

You can set a display condition in the reports field to hide when the entry-year level is Prep or Kindergarten. It looks like this:

Select the 'three more actions' dots alongside the field you'd like to be hidden or shown. Select Add conditions to this field.

You'll be taken to a conditions editor screen where you'll need to follow the prompts to set the conditions you'd like to be applied to this field. Read this area carefully to ensure you are setting this correctly.

First select if you want the field to be hidden or shown based on the condition you're about to set below.

Then select which field will cause this action to happen on the form, and which data determines if the field is hidden or shown. Once you're happy with your conditions, select Save Condition in the top right.

When you return to your form you'll see it highlighted, because a condition has now been set. This'll be indicated on any fields that have conditions set, and you can select the Condition button to review what's been set.

Note: Only the fields above the field you'd like to set a condition in will be available. Keep this in mind when moving fields around within a form.

Be careful: Be sure to match the 'hide or show option' with your condition to achieve your desired result. For example, 'equals' and 'does not equal' options.

Check out this handy article on making a form field required or optional here.

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