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Your forms are organised into pages, learn how to add new pages

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Your forms are structured and organised to keep parents focussed on one area of information at a time as they move through the form.

For example all of the Parent fields will be on one page and all of the children fields will be grouped on a seperate page.

Within the editor you have the option to add a new page to your form and reorder this along with other existing pages.

To add a new page select the option Add New page above or below the existing page.

Once the new page is added remember to title the new page and begin to add your fields. Hover on the grey highlighted section to see the option to Add new item then select to add one of your existing fields or a new text block.

You can also use the three more action dots on the right of the new page to delete the page or add conditions to hide and show the field based on a field completed earlier in the form.

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