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View form change history and revert changes
View form change history and revert changes

Check the changes made to your Funnel forms and choose to revert your form back to a previous change.

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It's important to be able to see what changes were made and when.

There may have been a change made in error that's causing issues on your form that you'd like to check and potentially revert. Accessing and reviewing the form change history will help with this.

To view the change history of a form select the relevant form from the forms module.

Then either access the change history by selecting the Last edited information or by using the three more action dots and selecting Show version history. Both options will reveal a side panel listing the details of all changes made to the form.

You can scroll through the changes and view what changes were made when and by which user. All changes are grouped by date; you can expand or collapse these sections of changes.

You can also select a change and see the option appear in the top navigation bar to Restore this version. Remember, doing this will restore the form back to its state at the time the selected change was made, so any changes made since then won't be considered. Be sure to hit publish once you've made your selection to restore.

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