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Update your form Welcome, Completion and Unavailable message
Update your form Welcome, Completion and Unavailable message

Customise the form messaging to suit your school brand.

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It's important to carry your school brand throughout all interactions that prospective families have with your school.

A great place to start is reviewing the touch points that prospective families can have with your school; a big element of this will be your different lead generation forms.

Within the form editor you can easily keep your form messaging up-to-date and on brand.

There are three main messaging components for you to review and own within your forms.

  1. Welcome page message (enrol forms only)

    The welcome page of your enrolment forms should both present your school as a desirable place to enrol and also orientate the form user to prepare them for successful form completion.

    It's a good idea to use the welcome page of your form to do just that - make the form user feel welcomed and encouraged to submit an application at your school.

    If you charge an application fee, be sure to mention that on your welcome page.

    If you require documents to be uploaded in your form, list these out in the "Before you start" instruction text (below the background image).

    There is an area for "More Information" if you would like to add any further details that should be considered before starting the form but not required to successfully complete the form. If you don't have any content to add in this section, leave this blank and the heading will not display on the live form.

  2. Completion message

    Completion messages should be short and sincere. Let the form user know the school appreciates them taking the time to submit an application, and what they can expect for the next steps.

    It's also a good idea here to mention that they'll receive an automated email shortly after with further details regarding their submission.

    Remember, you can also set the form to redirect to a different URL instead of displaying a completion message.

3. Unavailable message

As you can now take your form offline and make it unavailable at any stage from within the editor, you should set a message to appear if somebody tries to access your form while unavailable.

This message should inform the form visitor that the form is currently unavailable, when they can expect it to be available, and potentially why it is currently unavailable. For example you have set scholarship application dates, so you make the form unavailable outside of these dates. Your unavailable message could say Thank you for your interest in applying for a scholarship at our school, unfortunately scholarships are now closed and will reopen on this date.

To review and set these per form, navigate to the editor for the relevant form. Use the page titles on the right side panel of the editor to select and update the relevant messages.

Remember, the enrol form welcome page is in 'line editing', so select the different text boxes shown to make your changes.

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