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How to hide or reorder field options from forms
How to hide or reorder field options from forms

Some forms may not offer all of the options in field drop down so you can individually hide them.

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Fields and any options available within that field whether it be a dropdown or a checkbox field are created at an account level.

However there may be instances where you want to use a field on your form but not all the options available in the field should be shown on that form.

For example, you are running an event for your junior school campus. This form needs to include the entry year level field but should only show the year levels applicable for that campus.

The best way to achieve this is by hiding these options from the field within your form.

Navigate to the form in your form editor, find the field with the options you would like to hide from this form.

Select the field and scroll to find the option, select the three more action dots alongside the option and select to either show as disabled or hide from the form.

The hidden fields will be indicated with an icon alongside them.

And if you would like to show these options on your form again you can just click the icon.

You can also reorder the options by click and dragging using the drag and drop dots on the left of the option.

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