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Lead matching in Funnel - how it works
Lead matching in Funnel - how it works

When a lead's details are entered, Funnel will check whether the lead already exists. Here's how the process works.

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Field matching

Funnel checks a combination of three lead fields:

  1. lead first name

  2. lead last name

  3. lead date of birth

If any differences are found, a duplicate will most likely be automatically created.

Common cases for duplications

There are common cases where duplicate leads may be created. Here are some examples:

  • Names are entered differently (such as an abbreviated version of a lead's name: 'Kate', then 'Katherine', or 'Kate', then 'Kate Ann'.)

  • The date of birth is entered differently/incorrectly

How to merge duplicate leads

We strongly recommend that any duplicate leads be merged rather than deleted.

You can learn how to merge duplicate leads here:

While this article is about lead matching, these articles may also be helpful for other types of duplications (guardians and families:

Summing up

  • First / last name and date of birth are used to match leads

  • Different names used on forms (ie nicknames or full names) will cause duplicate leads

  • Always merge duplicate leads

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