You have worked very hard to put together an amazing event, your follow up communications shouldn't let all that hard work down.

The follow up communication can be the easiest element to your event organisation but it can also be the most powerful. Using Funnel events you know what event a family has registered for and using the Funnel check in app or the QR code on the day you know whether or not the family attended.

Using this information along with Funnel communications you can create a really seamless and complete event experience.

Starting with your communication content, build two templates. One for a "sorry we missed you" message that includes information about other ways they can engage with your school. And another for "thanks for coming along" provide a summary of the day, potentially some frequently asked questions or a link to register for a virtual Ask Me Anything session to cover any follow up questions. It is good to include the next steps in this email too, for those that are happy and would like to proceed with applying.

The next part you can set up in advance using dynamic lists and schedule send function in communications or you can do manually post event.

To do manually, go into your Funnel event and use the filters to filter based on attendance.

Once you have selected your filter, then bulk select the registrants and select Send Email. You can then select your communication template you prepared earlier.

Repeat this process for the opposite filter and you have sent informed and targetted follow up event communications.

Pro Tip: You can set this up as part of a larger drip campaign using automations.

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