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Signature request emails for enrolment forms
Signature request emails for enrolment forms

Learn how the parents/guardians completing your enrolment forms will be contacted regarding their signatures.

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The following article is relevant to forms that have the multi signature field. This style of signature field will require the second guardian to sign the form via an automated email request.

To complete the form, the primary guardian will need to provide their signature and payment (if relevant). Then, all other guardians added to the form, will receive an automated email requesting their signature.

The email will include a link to a 'read only' version of the form for them to view and sign.

The form will be listed as 'Pending signatures' in the parent portal area, for their reference.

It'll also be displayed in Funnel on the lead details page that the form is 'pending actions'.

An automated system reminder email will be triggered if the guardian has not signed after 7 days of the original request email being sent to them. This timeframe can be adjusted by submitting a request to our support team.

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