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Funnel file types and file names
Funnel file types and file names

Learn about Funnel uploaded documents and the file names they are given.

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Files can be uploaded and stored against a lead within Funnel. These files are either uploaded by parents/guardians completing an integrated form or by a Funnel user uploading the file directly to the lead profile.

File naming convention

You’ll be able to easily spot important file types (like birth certificates) uploaded by guardians. The file the name will automatically be applied when the guardian uploads a file into the specific form field. For example, when a parent loads a file into the birth certificate field on a Funnel form, the file naming convention will automatically apply and the file name visible in Funnel will be Lead Last Name Lead First Name - Field Name - File Type.

If a Funnel user uploads directly to the Files section on a lead that file name will also update to add the Lead Last Name Lead First Name to the start of the current filename.

File type conversion

Some users are unable to view or download certain file types, so Funnel automatically converts uploaded file type HEIC to JPEG. This means that if a parent takes a photo of the relevant files and uploads this directly to their form submission, Funnel will convert this to a JPEG automatically so you can access this file on their lead profile page.

File number restrictions

You can configure the file upload fields on your forms to support single or multiple files, which means you will only get the documents you need. For example for a birth certificate file upload field, don’t allow multiple files to be uploaded and get just the one file you need.

To manage this, navigate to the upload field on the form within the Form Editor. When in the editor, select the file upload field you wish to edit, then select or unselect the checkbox alongside Allow multiple files and publish your form.

Learn more about downloading lead files from Funnel here.

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