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Learn more about what you can do in the Funnel bookings module.

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Funnel Bookings allows you to schedule and manage one-to-one or individual events, such as private tours or interviews.
Check out this video for a quick overview:

What can I do in the new Bookings module?

  • Create and manage booking types

  • Configure sessions

  • Set who should receive registration email notifications

  • Set whether to request guest names on the registration form

  • Set the location type as virtual or in-person

  • Set which pipeline stage leads should appear in when they register for a booking type

  • Manage your time slots for booking types

What can I do on the Bookings overview page?

  • Use quick filters on the events table

  • See bookings grouped by your booking types

  • Create a new booking type

  • Select to manage your booking types

  • Select to manage booking time slots

  • Search for a booking by lead or guardian details

  • Select the grey three more action dots for quick booking actions

What can I do on my Bookings details page?

  • View sessions that are available or booked

  • Filter bookings using the quick or advanced filter options at the top of the table

  • Invite leads to book a time slot

  • Book a session on behalf of a family

  • Select individual or multiple bookings to view available bulk actions

  • Search for a particular booking

  • Select the column heading to reorder and group the data

  • Export all booking information

This video gives you an overview of the Bookings details page:

What can our registering families now do?

  • Reschedule or cancel a booking via their confirmation email

  • View available time slots in a calendar to book a session

  • Personalise emails for booking information, with a calendar link to save a booking to the family calendar

  • Set an automatic reminder 24 hours before the booked session

If you have any more questions, check out our Funnel Bookings module FAQ article, or get in touch!

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