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Bookings Module FAQ

Get quick answers to your Bookings module questions.

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Q. Can I import the bookings calendar into my native calendar?

Yes you can. Once you have your ICS link from the booking type or interviewer, you can import the availabilities to your calendar depending on your email client. The links below will help you sync to your own calendar:

Q. Can I delete a booking type

Yes, you can delete a booking type from your Funnel settings. This article will walk you through the steps.

Q. Can I create my own Booking Types?

Yes, you can create your own Booking types in Funnel. This article will help you with doing this. There are also some options you can choose to action once you have created your new booking type.

  • Email invites

  • Embed the registration form

  • Sync my calendar

Q. Can I cancel a booked time slot?

Yes, from the Bookings detail page, you can select the group and choose the three more action dots, select Cancel Booking.

Q. How do I view cancelled bookings?

Cancelled bookings will appear on the booking details page, under the date and time they had booked. The group will display a Cancelled status in the Details column.

Q. Can I send emails to cancelled bookings?

Yes, you will be prompted to email the family when you select to Cancel their booking. This article will explain the process in more detail.

Q. How do I reschedule a booked time slot?

Parents have the ability to reschedule their own bookings via the notification emails. Alternatively, you can do this from the bookings details page, select the three dot menu next to the group and choose Reschedule group. Learn more in this article.

Q. Can a parent manage or reschedule their own booking?

Yes, when a parent registers they will receive an email with their booking details. This includes an option for them to reschedule or cancel. Learn more about cancelling and rescheduling bookings in this article.

Q. Can I run a virtual booking?

Of course, when you create a booking type, you will be asked to set the Location type, you select virtual booking. Check out this article to learn about virtual events.

Q. Can I manage time slots once I have confirmed bookings?

Yes, you can move and adjust your available time slots with confirmed bookings. If you have a confirmed booking, the calendar will lock the booking time, but you will still be able to manage availabilities around that booked time.

Q. Does every booking type have a separate registration form?

Yes, every booking type you setup will create a new booking form. You can edit your booking form from the Forms area of Funnel.

Q. Can anyone access the booking link?

You can define who has access to the booking link when you create your booking type. When creating your booking type you have the option to create it as either Public or Private.

Q. Should I use bookings for small group tours?

Events is still the best place to manage small group tours. Bookings is best for one-to-one. Watch this space because we will be creating specific functionality to manage small group tours soon.

Q. What do I do once I have created my time slots?

Once you have created your time slots, your booking is now available for parents to register either via an emailed invite or a publicly accessible link. You can also manually add leads to your booking and register them into the relevant time slot.

Q. What do I do if someone doesn’t show up to a booking?

If someone doesn’t show up to a booking, you should cancel the booking so they don’t impact your reporting post booking.

Q. How far in advance can a lead register for a booking?

This will depend on the setting How far can it be booked ahead which will limit what the parent can book.

Q. What happens if my availabilities change for part or the whole day?

You can manage your time slots for a booking from Bookings page. Select the Manage time slots button, and select the booking type you wish to change your availability.

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