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How to delete a Basic Funnel Form
How to delete a Basic Funnel Form

Learn how you can delete a Basic Funnel form you no longer use.

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If you need to delete a basic form you no longer use, you can select the three more action dots next to the form, and then select Delete form.

Once selected, you'll be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the form.

What happens if I accidentally delete my form?

If you accidentally delete your form, our support team can have this re-instated.

What happens if I have automation and lists associated with my form?

If you have automation or a list connected to your form, you won't be able to delete the form until you have removed the associations.

Can I access form submissions once it's deleted?

No, all form submissions will be removed and you will need to have the form re-instated to be able to view them.

Can I restrict users' access to delete forms?

Yes, permissions can be toggled from the Settings > Users area of Funnel by toggling the Delete forms setting.

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