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Sorting by columns ​​
Sorting by columns ​​

Sort and reorder your data from the leads table

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You can now re-order your data from the leads table by an individual column or multiple columns. This will make it easy to find a particular group of prospective students. For example, the most recent students to apply for a particular year level.

Sorting by individual columns

From the leads table, select the column you want to sort your data by. This column will dictate the order of the data and your lead table will refresh.

For example, sorting by Year level will give you the option to order A-Z or Z-A.

Sorting by multiple columns

From the leads table, select the sorting icon that shows an arrow up and an arrow down.

The sorting icon will display a window to choose the column of data you are sorting by. You can sort by any column configured on the table.

Once you select the column of data, depending on the data type, you can order by either:

  • A-Z or Z-A

  • Earliest-latest or Latest-earliest

  • First-last or Last-first

You can then add up to 3 columns to sort with by clicking the "Add sort".

Once you have applied your sorting, you can click out of the window and the table will apply the sorting.

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