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Learn how to export payments directly into TASS

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The TASS receipting API allows you to export additional payments (eg contract fees) directly into TASS.

Step 1

Firstly, make sure the lead has already been exported from Funnel to TASS (you can check this in the Leads module, on the lead profile).

Step 2

Open TASS and review the lead in the Online Enrolment Applications tab (for more information please refer to Exporting to TASS)

Confirm the leads information and click "Add Enrolment", this will move the application to Enrolments. As part of this move, a student and parent code is assigned which our system will reference when receipting fees for each lead.

Step 3

Head back into Funnel and open the Payments module to receipt the payment.

Step 4

Select the checkbox next to the lead and then select export from the blue floating navigation:

Then, choose TASS receipting, and export:

Checking which payment has been exported

To check which payments have been exported, add the Last Export column to the payments table:

You can also use the filters:

Don't forget:

  • You can export payments using the TASS Receipting API as many times as you want

  • Depending on your setup, the TASS Receipting API is for subsequent fees (such as a contract). The application fee will most likely be exported on the initial lead export to TASS.

  • If you see the option 'TASS Sundry' this will export a CSV with payment data that you can manually upload to TASS.

  • You'll need to reach out to your CSM and / or support team if you don't have access to the TASS receipting API.

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