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ℹ️ Who can use this feature

  • Anyone with Settings > Checklists permissions enabled on their account can create and edit Checklists

  • Anyone else will be able to interact with Checklist items on the Lead Details page

Funnel’s new Checklists feature allows you to add to-do items to specific leads and keep track of what needs to be done on all leads to move them from the initial enquiry to acceptance.

What can I do with Checklists:

  1. Create Checklists and action items for your school needs through Settings.

  2. Filter your leads via Checklist status from the leads table

  3. View Checklist items from the lead details page, noting that Checklist items can get marked as complete in two ways:

    1. Automatic Checklist items: Funnel will check if your Checklist items are completed in the background and automatically mark them as done once the set criteria are met, for example once a parent checks in at an event they registered for, the “attend event” item within a Checklist would be marked as complete.

    2. Manual Checklist items: Manually action Checklist items from the lead details page

What has changed on the Lead Details page:

Below is a list of what had to change to make way for our exciting new module, Checklists. It may sound like a lot, but once you jump in, you’ll see it’s all pretty straightforward!

  • Creating an Action and Note has moved to the Timeline and the three dot menu on the top

  • There is a new section called “Checklists” where all existing and new tasks related to the lead will be shown. These tasks will still be viewable from the tasks page.

  • Creating a new task has moved to the Checklists section

  • The leads timeline will now also show actions relating to Checklists

  • The three dot menu on the top has been restructured and now includes “new task, new note and new action”

    • Download summary has been renamed to “Download as -> PDF”

    • Subscribe to automation has been renamed to “Add to automation”

    • Exporting as CSV or XLSX has been renamed to “Download as”

How to create a Checklist?

  1. Navigate to Funnel Settings > Checklists.

  2. Select the Create Checklist button, then:

    1. Name your Checklist

    2. Select the criteria for When should Checklist items appear?

  3. Add your Checklist items and click Create Checklist to publish your Checklist.
    There are 6 different types of Checklist items:

    1. Send email - marked as completed when the selected email is sent to that lead

    2. Complete task - always marked off manually like tasks work

    3. Complete form - marked as complete when form submission has been received

    4. input field - marked as complete when validation is met (for example: if a document field, it will be complete once the document is uploaded, for an email field it will be complete once a valid input is saved in that input field

    5. Activity logged - marked off when set activity is logged

    6. Attend event - marked off when a person in the group attended the event

  4. Once you’ve published your Checklist, you can navigate to a lead that meets the checklist criteria to see your Checklist.

  5. Checklist items will be marked off when the parent/guardian performs an action, for example “lead has to fill out form xyz”. Or when a staff member performs an action, for example "log a phone call activity" or "send welcome email" . Checklist items can also be marked off manually where needed.

Example Checklists

  • Checklist 1: Enrolments Checklist

    • You could set this up to automatically add to a lead that is in a set pipeline stage in your Funnel. Checklist items might include:

      • Upload birth certificate

      • Email invitation to book an interview time

      • Set up student file

  • Checklist 2 - Enquiry follow up Checklist

    • This might get added to a lead once they enter a new stage, such as initial application complete. Checklist items might include:

      • Send invitation to enrol

      • Fill out form

      • Log activity - phone call

  • Checklist 3 : Marketing Checklist

    • A marketing Checklist might get added when a lead reaches an important new stage, like completes a school tour/ open house, prompting further action to push them towards enrollment. Checklist items might include:

      • Send follow up email

      • Attend information evening

      • Send marketing pack

Checklist Pricing

All schools have access to one Checklist, which includes the ability to create up to 30 Checklist items. If you need more Checklists, you can upgrade from the Settings > Checklist area of Funnel. Only Admin will be able to update the billing of your plan.


  1. Q: Can I send an email to a lead detailing their outstanding Checklist items? A: You could create this on your own, but we don’t yet have an auto-populated version of this set up.

  2. Q: Can I manually check off Checklist items on a lead? A. Yes you can, simply by clicking on the check next to each checklist item.

  3. Q: How do I create a task on a lead? A: By clicking the "New task" button in the checklist area. Tasks are now Checklist items that sit under the Manually added tasks section.

  4. Q: How can I see past Checklist items that are no longer showing up on a lead? These will show up on the timeline.

  5. Q: Can I delete Checklist items? A: Yes.

    1. If you would like to delete a checklist item that appears on all leads in that checklist, you can do this by navigating to Funnel settings - checklists, then clicking on the "Expand" icon next to the checklist to view all checklist items. On the checklist you would like to delete you can click the three dot menu and click "Delete checklist item"

    2. If you would like to delete an individual checklist item on a lead, you can navigate to that lead and inside the checklists section you can click the three dot menu on the checklist item, then you can click "delete checklist item". This will not delete all checklist items and only affect the checklist item on that lead.

  6. Q: Can I edit an individual Checklist item on a lead? No, we recommend deleting it on that lead and manually adding a task for that lead instead

  7. Q: Can I create a Checklist or checklist item based on bookings? A. No. This is because we don’t capture attendance on bookings and can’t guarantee that a registered lead actually attended. We recommend

    1. Creating a Checklist item with “registration form completed”, combined with a manual task or activity log that records attendance.

    2. Creating a checklist that is triggered on the completion of the form (To be confirmed)

  8. Q: I currently use custom fields that are updated by automations to show when lead items are completed or not. How can I change this set-up to use Checklists? A. First, create a checklist with similar checklist items that work for your school, this checklist will replace the automation. For example: if you have a custom field with a checkbox that is checked if the birth certificate is uploaded, you can create a checklist that appears on all leads (or leads in a set stage) with a checklist item of "lead details collected - birth certificate". After your checklist is live, it will automatically show the checklist item as complete for leads with a birth certificate and you can simply remove your automation and custom field.

  9. Q: Can automations update Checklists? A: Most Checklist items are updated automatically (with tasks being the exception). There is no need to set up automation to update Checklist items

  10. Q: How can I use checklists in automations? A: You can use checklists as a trigger for your automation (as a custom condition), in a delay or in a yes/no branch. A few examples of these are:

    1. A custom trigger that allows the automation to start running once there are no outstanding checklist items on a lead that is in a set stage.

    2. A delay that waits for a checklist to be completed before a lead is moved along inside that automation.

    3. A yes/no branch that checks if there are outstanding checklist items on a lead and sends an internal notice if yes, or move the lead along int he automation if no.

  11. Q: Can I manually subscribe a lead to a Checklist? A: No, this is not possible at this time, checklists automatically appear on leads that meet your set criteria. If you want to create checklist items on just one lead we recommend creating individual tasks on that lead.

  12. Q: Where does a Checklist appear? A: A Checklist will appear on the lead details page a list under Checklists.

  13. Q: Why is my checklist not showing up? A: If your checklist is not showing up on a certain lead, there are a few things you can do

    1. Give it some time. If you have a lot of leads, the system may take some time processing all these leads in the background

    2. check that your lead is meeting the criteria that you have set for your checklist. For example if the checklist is set to appear on leads in the enquiry stage only, and you are viewing a lead in the "closed won" stage, the checklist will not be shown.

  14. Q: Can I reassign task checklist items? A: Yes, you can reassign individual task checklist items on each lead by navigating to that lead, clicking the three dot menu on the task checklist item and clicking "reassign". If you would like to reassign checklist items in bulk, you can do this in settings by navigating to the checklist section, clicking the three dot menu of the task checklist item and clicking "reassign" here.

  15. Q: Will task checklist items appear inside the Funnel task module? No, since there will be a lot of double-ups these checklist items do not appear inside the tasks module.

  16. Q: What happens to a leads checklists when I merge two leads? A: Funnel will remove all checklist items that no longer apply to the lead after the merge. The checklist items that stay will be checked against the newly created lead to see if they should appear as checked or not. The "complete" status will stay as "complete" if they were manually marked as completed.

  17. Q: What’s the difference between a Checklist and a Checklist item? A: Checklists are a group of Checklist items that all appear with the same trigger. For example: when a lead enters the “application received” stage, then 5 Checklist items are added to that lead, while the lead is in that stage.

  18. Q: How can I get a clear overview of which checklist items have outstanding checklist items? A: You can filter the leads table by navigating to leads, then clicking the advanced filter icon. In the advanced filter you can choose "checklists" and select the checklist you want to view outstanding checklist items for.

    You can also add the checklist to your table columns to get a clear overview of how many checklist items are outstanding. To do this, navigate to leads, then click the three dot menu on the top right and click "edit columns". Scroll to find your checklist, check it and save. Please note that only required checklist items are considered as "outstanding". You can update if a checklist is required or optional in settings.

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