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Manage your Funnel users

Add and update your Funnel account users

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Users can be added and managed directly in your Funnel account. You'll need to ensure that at least one user is set up with the manage user permission in order to add users and manage the user permissions.

Click on your settings (bottom left) to jump into the Funnel user area.

If you have access to manage other user permissions in your Funnel account, simply use the + new user button at the top right of the screen to create a new user, or select the quick actions next to the relevant user to update their current permissions.

To add a new user you will need to provide their First Name, Last Name and email address. You will need to enter a temporary password that will be shared with them and updated once they have logged into their account.

Providing or removing access to specific areas of your Funnel is done by simply using the toggle next to each feature or function listed.

Once you are happy with the permissions you have set for this user simply save and share the url to your Funnel account as well as the temporary password you have set.

If the user you have added to your account is new to Funnel this Getting Started Guide will help them become acquainted with the system. Remember your CSM is always willing to run a training session with your new team member.

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