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Re-importing leads to Synergetic
Re-importing leads to Synergetic
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Synergetic doesn't allow the importing of leads that have already been imported into Synergetic — they identify them as a duplicate.

If there are changes to the lead and/or guardian details in Funnel, you may want to re-import the records into Synergetic.

Funnel can import leads and guardians multiple times from Funnel to Synergetic using the XML file.

In order to export a second or third time from Funnel to Synergetic, you will need to change one item for the additional imports to be successful.

  1. In Funnel, go to your lead and select Export.

  2. Once the Synergetic XML file has been downloaded, right click the lead and open it with Notepad.

  3. You will need to change the ApplicationID to a number that has never been used before, which can be done by adding the '-' symbol in front of the existing number.

  4. Finally, in your Synergetic’s Process Online Application/Enquiries, you need to import and reimport the lead XML file.

  5. Once complete, the lead will be imported and the existing student record in Synergetic will be updated.

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