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Funnel Account Permissions - Best Practice
Funnel Account Permissions - Best Practice

Keep your Funnel data as secure as possible by following these best practice recommendations.

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How to manage Funnel users

For instructions on how to add or edit Funnel users, please refer to Manage your Funnel users.

Best practices for managing permissions

Your Funnel account contains a great deal of personal information about families, so it's essential you keep Funnel as secure as possible.

Our recommendations:

  • Give each user their own login connected to their own email address. Do not allow users to share logins.

  • Only give users permission to access the functions they need, and keep everything else restricted.

  • If a staff member leaves your school, remove their user login immediately. Note that you may need to remove them from any associated automations before they can be deleted from the account.

  • If a staff member changes position within the school, review their permissions and consider changing what is no longer appropriate.

  • Regularly review your user list and each user’s permissions, adjusting as needed.

  • Be especially careful with giving users “Admin” permissions, as this will allow users to add and remove other users and give them access to all features and data. Usually, a school only needs two “Admin” level users.

  • Consider adding 2FA (two-factor authentication) to Funnel. See What is two-factor authentication? for more information.

  • Consider adding SSO (single sign-on) to Funnel. This validates user logins against your staff directory. See SSO for Funnel for more information.

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