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Application Form Discounts & Coupons

Learn more about discounts and coupons for application forms.

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There may be instances when your school wants to offer a discounted application fee. The Funnel enrolment forms can support a range of discounts and coupon options.

Fee discounts can either be applied as a percentage reduction of the fee amount or as a dollar amount reduction.

You can also choose if you would like the discount to be triggered within your Funnel enrol forms as conditional or as a coupon.

Option 1 - Conditional

This applies the discount automatically to the application fee amount at the end of the form. It is triggered based on an answer to a field or combination of fields throughout your form.

For example, let's say your school offers a reduced fee for those applicants who have a parent working at your school. Based on this functionality, the set discounted amount will automatically apply if Parent > Staff Member is selected within your form.

The applicant will not know that this has triggered a discount until they reach the payment step of the form and see the payment summary information.

Option 2 - Coupon

Form coupons can be set with coupon codes and discount amounts (percentage or dollar). These will be communicated by the school to the relevant applicants for them to enter on the payment step of their form.

For example, let's say your school is promoting a discounted application fee for those families who have come along to your Open Day. The coupon can be set up with the discount amount and a specific code, such as OpenDayDiscount. This code would be shared with those attending families to be entered on the payment step of the form before finalising their payment.

Additional discount and coupon settings include:

  • Start and end periods for how long you want the discount to be available.

  • Usage limits for how many times that code can be applied (eg. you may only want a maximum of 200 parents to use that code).

  • Usage limits for if you are running multiple discount opportunities, meaning you can limit the number of discounts applied to one form submission (eg. you may allow just 2 discounts per form submission).

Below is an example of how the different discount types can look on the payment step of your form

If you would like to create or edit discount codes, check out this help article here.

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