Manage your discount codes

Learn how to manage your form discount

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Learn how to manage your form discount

New to discounts and coupons? You may want to start with an overview in this article.

To create a new discount code for your Funnel form, head over to the Forms tab at the left of the page, and then click the three more action dots > Manage discounts.

Once you're in the discounts area of Funnel, you'll be able to manage your existing discount codes or create a new code.

To create a new discount code:

  1. Select the + (New discount) button

  2. Enter the details of your discount code:

    1. Name of discount

    2. Description: description of the discount to help you identify the code

    3. Discount type: the type of discount, such as percent or amount off the full amount

    4. When the discount applies: if the discount is applied by a code or from a condition within the form

    5. Discount code: generate the code that you'll need to use for the discount

    6. Usage limit: set the amount of times the code can be used

    7. Start and End date: the dates the discount code is active

  3. Once you're happy with the parameters select Create discount

To edit an existing discount code:

  1. You can select a discount code from the sidebar which will give you an overview of the discount code

  2. By selecting Action > Edit you can edit the details of your discount code

Note: You'll only be able to manage discount codes for forms that capture payment.


How do I see the status of my discount code?

  • There are four statuses that'll appear against the discount code:

    • Active: the discount code is currently in use

    • Inactive: the discount code cannot be used as it's inactive

    • Upcoming: the discount code is active and will become available once the start date begins

    • Expired: the discount code is expired and past by end date

Can I duplicate a discount code?

  • Yes, you can duplicate a discount code by selecting the code, followed by Action > Edit > Duplicate

Can I filter form submissions by discount code ?

  • Yes! Go to the Payment module in Funnel and use the filter to search for a specific discount code:

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