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Online Form Improvements FAQs
Online Form Improvements FAQs

Learn what's changed with our new online form improvements and how it impacts your forms.

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We have improved the look and functionality of Funnel forms. These changes are backed by extensive user experience research and are an integral element of our exciting feature Funnel Form Editor.

This article will cover everything you need to know about the design changes applied to your forms.

What’s changed with our forms?

Our online forms have moved to a new single-column format. This means that form fields (such as Student First Name) will now display in one column stacked vertically down one page. We have focussed the form user on one topic at a time by grouping information onto individual pages.

You will also notice a new progress bar at the top of multi-page forms so that users can track their progress.

Other changes include:

  • Improved labelling of fields grouped within a collection (such as the guardian or emergency details), making adding multiple entries clearer for users.

  • Focussed content broken into easy to follow pages, keeping users moving through forms with ease.

  • A collapsable review page, allowing users to expose and minimise sections of the form when reviewing the details provided in their submission before finalising.

  • A dedicated payments page on enrolment forms to provide a focused view when applying discounts and entering payment details.

  • Easy-to-toggle support information throughout the form to provide access to support information when needed.

  • Progress percentage amount shown so form users know how far they are within the form.

  • Both the back button and save and continue button are in a sticky footer to allow ease of form navigation.

Why have the forms changed?

A key reason behind these improvements is that our new layout has proven to drive form completions rates and boost conversion! A win-win for your school.

Can I still apply custom styling to my embedded form?

Not right now. We’ve refreshed the look and feel of our online forms to provide a more seamless experience without the need to apply your styling. We’ve also reduced security vulnerabilities by moving to an iFrame method.

Can I share a link directly to my Event/Default Forms?

Absolutely! We’ve refreshed the event/default form design to match the enrolment style, and you’ll notice that the experience has been improved for both desktop and mobile. We encourage you to not only embed a form but also to link out from any marketing material.

Do I have to do anything now my forms have changed?

No, all forms have been automatically moved across to the new design. You don't need to do anything and there has been no changes to the data in your Funnel or any SIS integrations. Please speak directly with your Client Success Manager if you have any concerns.

I’m still using a legacy Enrol product. Will these changes apply to me?

If you’re running on our Legacy Enrol, the changes will be applied when your forms are all migrated and built within Funnel. The migration process is currently underway, and your Client Success Manager will be in touch shortly to guide you through the process.

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