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Funnel Form Editor FAQs

Find the answers to your Funnel Form Editor questions to get the most out of using this exciting feature.

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What changes can I make to my forms using the Form Editor?

You can edit and update a range of information, from adding form fields to applying language translations.

Here’s a list of the form changes you can make in the Form Editor:

What other form settings and functionalities do I have access to?

There are a range of different form tools and settings available. You have direct access within the Form Editor to edit and view the items below:

What should I check on my forms now I have editor access?

Keeping the above functionalities in mind, it is a good idea to review your forms for a few things to keep them consistent.

Review and update required fields

  • Form users can see which fields are required with the red asterisks and those that are optional directly on the form. To ensure you are capturing all the important data review your fields and mark any as required.

Text formatting

  • Review the spacing and formatting of any text on your forms to ensure you are using the best layout options available, especially terms and conditions pages.

Help form users complete your forms

  • You can easily add help text, default text and tool tips to your form fields, review any fields that form users have provided wrong information in or have struggled to complete in the past and add some helpful information.

Update your form messaging

View and edit the notification email address

  • You can now update the email address that's set to receive your form submissions for Event and Booking forms.

Allow multiple or restrict file upload fields

  • Check that restrictions are enabled for those file upload fields which only require one document to be uploaded (birth certificate fields, for example.) In comparison, a Reports upload field may have multiple pages, and you would therefore allow multiple files to be uploaded here. Click the file upload field on your form to see the Allow multiple files option.

What are some functionalities that aren't available in the Form Editor?

You can't create new fields

In this round of improvements, you’ll only be able to select fields that have been mapped to your Funnel Account. If you need a new field created from scratch, please contact our friendly support team via chat or phone.

No access to view and edit who receives form submission emails

You won't be able to view or edit the email addresses nominated to receive the form submission emails for your forms. This functionality will be made available at a later stage. You can reach out to Support for this information.

You're unable to edit your school account logos and images

Managing the logos and background imagery applied to your school account and to your forms will have to be updated by the Support team. However, you do have the ability to update your branding colours (learn how here).

There's no access to edit your School Management System (SIS) integration

If you have any active SIS integrations with your Funnel Account, you won’t be able to edit the integration. Please contact our support team via chat or phone if you need changes.

Payments can't be managed in the Form editor

The Form Editor won't provide access to any payment settings but you can apply discount settings (learn how here). If you need to update anything regarding your form payments you can send your request directly to the Support team to action on your behalf.

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