What changes will I be able make to my forms using the Form Editor?

You will be able to edit and update a range of information, from adding fields to applying a language translation.

Here’s a complete list of all the changes you will have access to make in the Form Editor:

  • Add/Edit Form fields

    • Edit any existing form fields

    • Create/edit a field title

    • Add a text block to a form

    • Create a new page/section

    • Add help text, default text and tool tips

    • Make a field required

    • Move a field's position throughout the form

    • Adding display conditions (hiding or showing specific fields)

    • Conditionally make a field required

    • Change the label of a form field or the label of options in multi-select fields

What other form setting and functionality do will I have access to?

There will be a range of different form tools and settings available. You will have direct access to edit and view these within the Form Editor.

Below is a list of the Form Settings and tools you will have access to and control over:

  • Apply a language translations to your forms

  • Preview your form changes before going live

  • View Form history

  • Access your form embed code or sharing link

  • Update the 5 fields that are shown on an Enrolment form PDF

  • View and edit who receives form submission emails

  • View and set form completion page redirects

  • Update your Enrolment Welcome, Completion, and Unavailable form text

  • Save forms as draft, publish or choose to unpublish the form

Will I be able to revert changes made to my form?

Of course! You will do this by selecting Show Version History from the three-dot settings menu.

Next, select a date and time prior to the changes you made, and you’ll be prompted to Restore This Version. Once complete, you can Publish the changes and they will be reverted.

Will I be able to add fields to forms?

You can easily add a field by hovering over the form (in the Editor mode) and selecting the + symbol. Next, select Add Form Field and you choose the field you would like to include.

Note: You’ll only be able to select fields that have been mapped to your Funnel Account. If you need a new field created, please contact our friendly support team via chat or phone.

What are some functionalities that won't be available in the Form Editor

You cannot create a brand new form

This won't be available right away, but it’s in our pipeline. At first, you can only edit an existing form. If you need to create a new integrated form, please contact Support or your Client Success Manager.

You cannot create new fields

In this round of upcoming improvements, you’ll only be able to select fields that have been mapped to your Funnel Account. If you need a new field created from scratch, please contact our friendly support team via chat or phone.

There is no access to edit your School Management System (SIS) integration

If you have any active SIS integrations with your Funnel Account, you won’t be able to edit the integration. Please contact our support team via chat or phone if you need changes.

Payments and discount codes cannot be managed in the Form editor

The Form Editor will not provide access to any payment settings, amounts or discount settings. If you need to update anything regarding your form payments you can send your request directly to the Support team to action on your behalf.

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