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What is in the Leads Module?
What is in the Leads Module?

The leads module is the heart of your Funnel. This article will show you everything you can do here.

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All of your leads will be listed in your Leads Module, so it is important to be well acquainted with this area and the functionality available.

Starting from the top right of the below image you can search for a list name. Type to search in the bar and the matching list options will appear below. Learn how to create lists here.

Across the top of the table are 5 quick filter options. These make for easy access to those commonly used filtering options. You can use a combination of these together by clicking and selecting from the options in the drop down.

If you are looking for further filtering options select the Advance Filter button to expand and build on your filter. Read more on filters here

There are three more actions dots next to the New Lead button. The options available include to Edit the columns shown on the table for the view or list you are in. You can also export all leads from here or view the Lead Edit History.

Choose to view your leads as a table as shown below or select the icon in the top right of the table to change this to a more visual Kanban Board view. This is a stage only view and presents the leads on cards allowing you to select a lead or drag and drop them into different stages.

Selecting the column headings will regroup and reorder your data. It will order in ascending or descending order, you can click it a couple of times until you see the data in the order you prefer. The column setting the data order will be indicated with an arrowing alongside the column title.

You can bulk select a whole list or individual leads by selecting the checkboxes alongside their names. This will activate bulk action options across the top of the table.

You can also set the number of leads you would like to see on your table using the number per page drop down at the bottom of the table. It defaults to 20 leads but can show up to 100 leads on the table.

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