Like all other fields on your forms, text blocks can be set to conditionally hide/show.

There may be a prompt or some information that is only relevant to a certain form user. You can use the answers throughout the form to show just the information they need to see.

An example of this may be information boarding applicants should be aware of. You would have an enrolment type field with day student or boarding student options on your form. If they select boarding student a text block needs to appear to inform the user; "Please note all boarding student applicants will need to attend an on campus interview as part of the enrolment process."

To achieve this or a similar use case, Insert your text block below the enrolment type field and enter the text you would like to show. Then select the three more action dots alongside the text block and select Add conditions to this text block.

Then you set your conditions like you do on any other fields.

Once set, the text block will only appear when the form user selects boarding student.

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