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When do form applicants receive emails?
When do form applicants receive emails?

A guide to the different emails form applicants will receive from Funnel Enrol during the application process.

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There are four automated emails that a form user will receive throughout their form experience.

1. Request access to start

As soon as a form user begins the application process and enters their email, they'll receive a verification email to that email address. This gives them information on the process and a link (or access code) to commence the form.

2. Reminder email

If a form user begins their application and doesn't return to it for seven days (or a set range determined by the school), they'll receive a 'Reminder Email' prompting them to complete the application process, and providing them a link to continue where they left off on their form.

3. Completion email

Once a form user has completed the form and paid any associated form fees, they'll receive an email thanking them for their application and confirming its receipt. Attached to this email will be a receipt for their payment and a PDF copy of their completed form.

4. 'Continue application' email

If a form user exits the form before completing it, they'll receive this email with a link and verification code for them to return back to the form at a later stage.

If you have multi signatures added to your form, additional emails will be sent to request the subsequent parent/guardian signature. You can learn more here.

Remember: You can edit the contents of these emails within the Form editor module of Funnel. If you need to remove or add a new email, get in touch with our Support team via the messenger icon in the bottom right. They can set these up and you'll be able to edit them.

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