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Update your forms multi-signature functionality
Update your forms multi-signature functionality

Multi signature functionality will help with capturing all relevant guardian signatures on your forms

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Multi-signature functionality helps effectively capture the signatures of all guardians listed on your enrolment forms.

If you would like to update your current signature fields on your enrolment forms to a multi-signature field but don't know where to start then this article will help.

Scenario 1

Your form has an agreement page that requires the guardians to review and potentially check a box of acknowledgement before signing to complete the form.

To update this we would simply change the current signature field to the multi-signature field, no further changes are required. Your form will then capture multiple signatures in one sitting or trigger off notifications to the other guardians listed on the form as required to sign.

Scenario 2

Your current enrolment form has agreements and terms spread across multiple pages or areas and is currently capturing signatures at these points of the form.

In order for the multi-signature functionality to work on your form, these terms and conditions should be consolidated. One multi-signature field will then be added at the end of the form representing the agreement to ALL terms stipulated in your enrolment form. It would look like the below:

Within the multi-signature field you can customise the text visible to parents at time of signing. A suggestions includes:

By signing here, you expressly consent to receiving these terms and conditions electronically and acknowledge that all other notices or documents required to be given in respect to the terms and conditions may be sent to you by electronic communication. You acknowledge and agree that any agreement formed upon the signing of these terms and conditions has originated from, and is deemed to have been formed in the location of, [insert name of school].

Some additional information around the legal requirements of this functionality can be found below.

Under the current legislation in Australia, electronic execution of an agreement is valid provided that 3 conditions are met. Funnel satisfies these conditions by;

  • Prior to executing the terms and conditions, parents are required to acknowledge that they approve the terms and conditions, and consent to receiving them electronically.

  • Requiring parents to verify their identity, they do this when they enter their personal details and receive relevant information at their nominated email address.

  • The signing method is reliable in the circumstances given it only allows execution by the verified individuals.

Please note: As legislation may differ slightly from state to state, we always encourage you to confirm any specific signature requirements through your school's legal counsel.

This article will assist with frequently asked questions about the feature and you can learn more about the multi-signature system generated communications here.

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