Now you can collect signatures from multiple parents or guardians on your enrolment form, using Funnel. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to collect all the relevant signatures from parents and guardians who may not be under the same roof, or sitting with each other at the time of application. That's why we’ve made it easier to both collect and keep track of signatures.


  1. How do I check in Funnel if a signature is pending?

There are a couple of ways to check if a signature is pending:

  • On the lead details page, you can navigate to Forms to see pending signatures. A status of 'Pending Signature' will display next to the entry showing the number of pending signatures.

  • From the Forms Module, select View Form Submissions on the relevant form. Use Advanced filter > Status = Pending Action to see any applications with pending signatures.

2. How do I resend a signature request email for a pending application from within Funnel?

We automatically resend a signature request email reminder 7 days from the requested signature date.

You can also manually trigger this signature request email from the lead details page. Scroll to the forms widget, select the three-dot option, and view signatures. A modal will appear and you'll have the option to resend a signature request email to the guardian with the outstanding signature.

3. How does the system know which parent/guardians to send the request for signature to?

The parent/guardians required to sign any enrolment form need to be listed as a parent/guardian within the form submission. The system then uses the name and email address to trigger off any request signature emails.

This means it is still really important that all responsible parent/guardians details are on the form.

4. What if the parent/guardians are ready to both sign the form at the same time?

No problem! There is the option for each parent/guardian listed on the form to Sign Now or send the form via email for signing.

If the Sign Now option is selected, the signatures can be provided and the form will be completed with no pending actions.

5. Does the parent/guardian completing the form need to wait for all signatures to be provided before they can submit and pay the form fee?

No, the form is complete and paid for when the parent/guardian completing the form has signed. However, to keep track of progress the form will remain in a pending action status until all signatures are provided.

6. Will the additional parent/guardians who have been sent the form for signing be able to edit the form data?

No. When the additional parent/guardian receives the request signature email, they'll open a 'view only' version of the completed form. We want to make sure the original data on the completed form you receive remains secure and unchanged, so the additional guardians will receive the 'Review page' of the form with only the signature field for them to action.

You can start a conversation with our Support team via the Messenger in the bottom right of your screen to get multi-signature functionality set up on your forms.

If you have complex terms and conditions throughout your form read here about the suggested approach to updating your forms to suit multi-signature functionality.

There are system generated communications sent as part of the multi-signature functionality. You can read more about those emails here.

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