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Create your own Recommendation form
Create your own Recommendation form
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With Recommendations enabled, you'll be able to capture recommendations for leads upon application form completion.

Note: To have this feature enabled, speak with your Customer Success Manager.

Creating your form

To create a Recommendation form in Funnel, head over to the Forms tab at the top of the page, and then click + New form.

From here you’ll be prompted to complete a couple of steps for the Form details.

  1. Form type: Select the Recommendations form option

  2. Form name: This is the form name that'll display on the recommendation form.

  3. Who should receive internal notification emails? Select a Funnel user who you want to be notified when a new registration comes through this form.

Once you have entered the Form details, you'll have the option to edit the recommendation email.

This is the email that goes to the recommender. Once you are happy with the email select Save and Continue.

Finally, you can edit the fields you would like to display to the recommender in the View an example step.

Here’s a list of the form changes you can make in the Recommendations Form Editor:

Once you are happy with the form changes you can publish your Recommendation form.

Triggering your Recommendation

Once complete, you can send your automation a couple of ways.

Recommendation Status

You can check the recommendation status on the Lead details underneath the Recommendations module.

Here you can see the status, last updated recommender, email, phone and title / position of the recommender.

From the three-dot menu, you can re-send the recommendation, download the summary PDF and view submission.

The status column will give you the status of the recommendation:

  • Sent - The recommendation has been sent but not completed

  • Complete - The recommendation has been completed

You can filter by these statuses on the lead tables page.

Note: the form link in the recommendation email will be valid for 7 days.

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