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How to send an enrolment offer
How to send an enrolment offer

Learn how to send an enrolment offer or contract using a pre-populated form.

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An enrolment offer (or letter of offer) in Funnel is made up of two parts:

  • An acceptance form.

  • An email template.

Preparing your acceptance form

It is best practice to use an Enrol-type form. There are several benefits:

  • The form can be sent pre-populated with known lead and guardian information, to save your families the time of filling it all in.

  • Guardians can save their form entries and continue it at a later time, which is particularly helpful if they need to locate documentation.

The acceptance form can include data you want to re-confirm to ensure you have the latest information (e.g. guardian contact or employment information) or information that you haven’t collected earlier but will need before commencement (e.g. medical action plans or emergency contact details). You might also consider making your “entry year” and “year level” fields read-only so that guardians cannot change these details (please contact our Support Team for help with this).

If you want the guardian to be able to decline the offer, it can be added on the same form or you can create a separate form specifically for declining. You can collect the reasons for declining the offer and ask which school they’ve decided on instead.

If you're using multi-signature functionality, the first guardian to complete the form will complete the form and payment (if required). A read-only copy of the form will be sent to any subsequent guardians to review and add their signatures. The IP address of the device that each guardian used to sign the form will be recorded.

If different payment amounts apply in certain circumstances, you can control this using conditional or coupon discounts. Find out more here.

If you don’t already have an offer form, please contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss the next steps.

Preparing your email template

Your email template will act like a cover letter, welcoming your new student and confirming they have a place available at your school. Follow the usual process for creating an email template. Remember to use tokens to make it fell personal!

You should also include a button block that includes a link to your acceptance form so that the form will be pre-populated with known lead and guardian information.

You might also consider adding an expiry time to prevent guardians from accessing the link beyond the date you specify. This way you won't get families trying to accept an offer 6-months after it was available.

Offer Form Completed

We can set a form behaviour to move leads to the next pipeline stage, e.g. “Offer Accepted” or “Closed Lost” as soon as the form is completed. This can be set up using the automations module, or our Support Team can set these up for you.

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