The lead up to events can be stressful. Use this guide to prepare for any upcoming lead-generating events at your school.

One month (or more) before your event

Take some time to set the target audience and numbers for this event before opening for registration. This will help your filtering and target communication in the lead up to the event.

You can also set up some reports in advance to keep an eye on your progress towards reaching these goals. The below steps and articles will help you make a start on the event preparation process.

  1. Create your event and open for registrations

  2. Ensure the registration form is embedded or linked on your website

  3. Review the automated confirmation email content for your registration form

  4. Invite any target prospective families to register via Funnel communications

  5. Set up event-specific reports and add to a dashboard for easy monitoring

One week before your event

Use this time to check your tools and facilities are ready for the upcoming event. Check your registration numbers to determine if any further invite communication needs to happen and remind those registered of their upcoming event.

  1. Review registration numbers, determine if further invites need to go out

  2. Send event reminder email and invites to register email if required

  3. Check devices and Funnel Check-In app for updates

  4. Run any internal training on Funnel Check in-app

Day of your event

Today is the day, to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible work through the below steps.

  1. Export registration list and print for backup

  2. Charge devices and place them in relevant positions

  3. Print QR Code if you are displaying this around campus

Day after your event

Hopefully, your event was a complete success. There are a few things that should be done as part of the post-event follow up.

  1. Review the attendance of your event directly within the event or by filtering leads

  2. Manually check in any attendees you didn't catch via the app

  3. Send follow up communication to those who attended and to those that missed out

Pro tip: If you are running multiple events at the same time and families call to update their registration or move to another event, you can manage this through Rescheduling the registration.

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