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Enrol forms migrated to your Funnel account.
Enrol forms migrated to your Funnel account.

Your legacy enrolment forms are being migrated to your Funnel account! Learn how to manage your processes within Funnel.

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Great news, your legacy enrolment forms have been migrated to your Funnel account!

Not only can you now just log into one system to access your enrolment data, but you also have more control over your forms and centralised access to your form data.

Let's go through some of the functions and differences:

Let's go through some of the similarities between the two systems, so you know where to look and how to action your normal enrol tasks.

Lead timeline

Any leads in your Funnel that have been created or updated by a legacy enrol submission will look like the the lead activity timeline below. Before, you'd have to click the link and log into legacy enrol to access the application.

Using your new Funnel form, the entry itself will now be logged on the lead activity timeline and viewed with one easy click of the 'View submission' button.

Filter to find leads with 'draft' or 'complete' applications

Before the change, to find leads who submitted an application, you had to rely on your stage or lead source filters (which left room for errors)..

With the enrolment forms now located in Funnel, you can filter a range of information, such as those who started but didn't complete, those who completed the form, and so on.

A draft application in legacy enrol will now be known as Started but did not complete the form and a complete application is now referred to as Contact filled out the form in Funnel filters.

Viewing and exporting form data

To get a high level view of all application data you may have used the export builder in Legacy enrol to produce an export. To add fields to this export, Digistorm Support would've had to assist.

Now that all of your application data is in Funnel, you have a couple of areas you can choose to view and export your data without needing to contact us. You can now use your Forms module or the Filters in the Leads module. Remember to edit the table columns to view and arrange the data important to you.

Adding notes to applications

Within your legacy enrol system you had the ability to add notes to applications. These notes were built out on a basic timeline for future reference.

Within Funnel you still have the ability to add notes to the lead and view this information for future reference, where it's stored on the lead timeline. You can also pin notes to the top of the timeline.

To learn more the migration of your enrolment forms you can read the migration FAQ's.

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